Amber Young LPC

36 Mill Plain Rd
Danbury, Connecticut 06811
ADA Accessible
Phone: 203-903-8042
Narrative of Services:

Most of my clients are highly motivated individuals who struggle with perfectionistic tendencies and symptoms related to over control. Roughly, half of my caseload consists of individuals with OCD, BFRB’s, and disordered eating, and all present with high functioning anxiety. My clients are the ones who seem to have it all together, so they don’t often get the support they need from loved ones.

Training Description:

I hold Masters degrees in both Psychology and Counseling. My academic background is firmly routed in CBT, but I have taken trainings to become proficient in ERP, ACT, and IFS. I am a Nationally Certified Counselor.

Diversity Statement:

As a biracial individual, I understand the how race, specifically racial ambiguity, can impact our self-concept and how we engage with the world. I aim to create a space where all people feel welcome. I want my clients to feel supported and heard, even if I do not know their lived experience as I do my own.

I have received training in affirming those belonging to the LGBTQAI+ community, and I continue to learn from my clients experiences. I strive to be culturally competent, and I am fascinated by the customs and rituals that bond a culture together. I am also aware of how family systems and intergenerational trauma can play a role in my client’s well-being.