Lianzhe Zheng PhD

3260 Ash Street
Palo Alto, California 94041
ADA Accessible
Narrative of Services:

I began to receive OCD training during the last quarter of my postdoctoral year. 20% of my caseload were OCD clients. I have treated 4 clients with OCD symptoms. I worked with clients who presented with contamination and cleaning, doubt and harm, relationship OCD, and unacceptable taboo thoughts themes.

Training Description:

During my postdoctoral year, I applied for the IOCDF fellowship and was later invited to attend the OCD training conference for BIPOC clinicians at Atlanta. I received weekly supervision on my OCD cases at my training site. In addition, I participated in a 4-month weekly training seminar and supervision on OCD cases at the New England OCD Institute.

Diversity Statement:

Many of my clients are women, people of color, and 1st or 2nd generation immigrants who struggle with navigating family relationships, trauma and chronic stress, and their relationship to work. I particularly enjoy working with people who are exploring their identities, such as race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, and class. Moving forward, I wish I can integrate OCD treatment with social justice and multicultural framework through providing treatment to POC populations.

My research efforts have been focusing on racial identity development and acculturation process of Asian immigrants, and Black women’s experiences with racism and long-term unemployment. As for activism work during my doctoral program, I developed an advocacy program for international students in a predominantly White institution. Thirdly, I worked as a lab coordinator at the Institute of Study and Promotion of Race and Culture at Boston College for four years. We hosted the annual Diversity Challenge conference in which scholars and practitioners share knowledge and participate in discussions that inspire us to advocate for social justice.