1995 OCF Grant

Efficacy of home-based behavioral therapy for OCD

Peter A. Manzo, BA

McLean Hospital (Belmont, MA)

Psychotherapies for OCD, such as the cognitive behavior therapies (CBT) and exposure and response prevention (ERP), are typically conducted in a therapist’s office. While we know today that options such as teletherapy exist for patients who cannot easily access an office, these options were more limited at the time of this grant.

To assess how well a behavior therapy works in a home-based setting, Dr. Manzo and his team assessed the efficacy of such a treatment program on 11 patients with OCD  over the course of 12 weeks. Following treatment, 45% of patients responded to the therapy, with 36% achieving lasting improvement in OCD symptoms. For some non-responders and partial responders, low compliance with instructions provided during treatment may have led to their experience with the program. 


Resulting Publication:

*Rosqvist, J., Egan, D., Manzo, P., Baer, L., Jenike, M.A., & Willis, S. (2001). Home-based behavior therapy for obsessive-compulsive disorder: A case series with data. Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 15, 395-400. doi:10.1016/S0887-6185(01)00071-8