2000 OCF Grant

Expressed emotion and family accommodation in OCD: Implications for family behavioral treatment

Barbara Van Noppen, PhD

Brown University (Providence, RI)

Award Amount: $18,625

Family members and close ones of patients with OCD often accommodate their symptoms, which leads to enabling and a lack of improvement. Family support without accommodation is crucial for the prognosis of OCD and the outcome of treatments.

At the time of this study, Dr. Van Noppen worked for over 15 years with OCD patients and families. Dr. Van Noppen and her team aimed to address how expressed emotion and accommodation would impact family behavioral treatment for OCD. The findings led to a published overview of family approaches to OCD treatment, which points out that reducing family accommodation is positive and that including family members in treatment could be beneficial if done appropriately. However, the team acknowledged that further research was necessary.


Related Publication:

Steketee, G. & Van Noppen, B. (2003). Family approaches to treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder. Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry, 25(1), 43-50. doi:10.1590/S1516-44462003000100009