2000 OCF Grant

Habit reversal for tic-like compulsions

Thilo Deckersbach, PhD

Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School (Boston, MA)

Award Amount: $9,500

Habit reversal training (HRT) is an evidence-based behavioral treatment for unwanted repetitive actions, behaviors, and habits, which consists of gaining awareness of when these actions are carried out and using competing actions and relaxation to address them. HRT is an effective treatment for Tourette syndrome.

This study by Dr. Deckersbach and his team, aimed to identify whether HRT would significantly reduce tic-like compulsions in OCD patients. Dr. Deckersbach’s hypothesis was that tics present in Tourette syndrome are similar to OCD compulsions, and an HRT treatment should potentially be able to reduce tic-like compulsions in people with OCD.