2013 IOCDF Grant

Stepped care CBT for pediatric OCD

Adam Lewin, PhD

University of South Florida (Tampa, FL)

Award Amount: $43,838

One model of approaching and carrying out therapy is the stepped-care model —a personalized approach in which cost and intensity of an intervention are based on the individual needs of a patient. For instance, if a patient requires minimal therapy or interventions for OCD, the therapist could work with less intensive treatments such as peer and family support; if a patient has severe symptoms, the therapist would consider intensive cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), medication, and other similar steps.

This study by Dr. Lewin and his team aimed to examine the efficacy and potential of using stepped-care CBT on patients with pediatric OCD. The goal of this pilot study was to reduce the time and cost of treatment, while improving access and effect on reducing symptoms.