Duxbury/South Shore OCD Support Group

Support Group
Contact: Steven Widman
Duxbury, Massachusetts 02332
ADA Accessible
Phone: 9146439458

Meeting Information:

Venue: Bar, Coffee Shop
Meeting day and time: TBD
Open To: Adults with OCD
Fee: Free

I live on the South Shore of MA and struggle with OCD. I’m looking to meet others who also struggle with OCD and would appreciate some peer support. I don’t have any friends that deal with OCD, so it would be really nice to talk to someone who can relate to my struggles. I assume I can’t be alone out there and perhaps there’s a group of people who feel the same way. I don’t have a meet-up location, but we can meet anywhere such as a coffee shop or even a bar, doesn’t matter to me. It’s an opportunity to get to know some real people who deal with this on a day to day basis and talk about challenges, successes and just vent.