I-CBT Group for OCD

Support Group
Contact: Maria Estante
Phone: 3237054410

Meeting Information:

Venue: Zoom
Meeting day and time: Every other Friday
Open To: Individual Adults only
Fee: $40

The I-CBT skills group is a 12 module long weekly virtual meeting for adults diagnosed with OCD who have experience being treated with ERP and looking for more tools to manage symptoms.

Inference-based Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (I-CBT) is an evidence-based treatment based on the central idea that obsessions are abnormal doubts about what “could be”, or “might be”, a kind of faulty reasoning that makes it hard to give up obsessive beliefs despite intellectually knowing it is irrational.

I-CBT approaches treatment with the goal of facilitating resolution by addressing the faulty reasoning that causes obsessional doubts. A key learning for the OCD sufferer from I-CBT is that obsessional doubts are distinct from normal doubts. The distinction comes from deconstructing the faulty reasoning that created distorted obsessional beliefs that feel real.

Only registered participants will be provided with meeting passcode. Meeting is locked after 15 minutes of start time.