ERP and ACT Skills for Life with OCD (10-week psychoeducation/skillbuilding group)

Contact Name: Andrew Triska
Venue: Google Meet
Day & Time: Mondays at 6:30 pm Feb. 26 - April 29
Open To: Adults and adolescents (age 14+) with OCD looking to learn ERP/ACT skills
Fee: $5 to $80 (income-based sliding scale)


A 10-week psychoeducation and skillbuilding group for adults and adolescents ages 14+ with OCD offered by Triska Psychotherapy. Open to clients in the states of NY, NJ, VT, ME, NV, FL, and SC, this group is led by practice director Andrew Triska and staff therapist Z. L’Erario.

“ERP and ACT Skills for Life with OCD” is ideal for those who have been newly diagnosed with OCD, haven’t undergone Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) or Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in the past, or just want to brush up on their ERP and ACT skills, this group will help you learn:

– Practical skills to reduce fear and build fear tolerance in the long term

– Tips and tricks to lower anxiety when mental compulsions and rumination get overwhelming in the moment

– Skills for dealing with overthinking, rumination, and other mental compulsions (a.k.a. “pure O”)

– How to avoid common pitfalls in applying ERP and ACT skills

– Advice and troubleshooting on talking to friends and family about OCD and seeking support from others

You don’t have to have been formally diagnosed with OCD to participate. This group is open to anyone who believes that they would benefit from learning ERP and ACT skills (though it is not for family members or friends of people with OCD who do not themselves have OCD). Please note that this is a queer- and trans-positive group led by queer/trans-identified practitioners, and while this group is not exclusively for queer/trans people, members will be required to adhere to group norms around respect and affirmation.

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