Living Free with OCD

Contact Name: Sarah Carr
Phone: 415-323-0289
Venue: Zoom
Day & Time: 8-Week Treatment Group
Open To: People with OCD
Fee: $90 per session + Screening


This is an 8-week structured group for California Residents. This group is facilitated by Sarah Carr, LMFT who specializes in the treatment of OCD using ERP, mindfulness and compassion. Living Free with OCD is a group that focuses on learning new ways to interact with OCD in order to live the life you want to be living. As part of the group you will have the opportunity to:
-Create values-based behavior goals.
-Learn mindfulness and self-compassion skills.
-Practice Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP).
-Offer and receive support from group members.
-Build community with others who experience OCD.
Each session is $90 and a screening is required that costs $100. Sliding scale and scholarships are available!