OCD Treatment Group for Adults

Contact Name: Tamara Harrison
Venue: Simple Practice (Similar to Zoom)
Day & Time: Wednesdays at 4pm or Fridays at 9am weekly for 6 weeks
Open To: Adults (18+) with OCD or a related disorder
Fee: $50 per session


Topics explored will include the following:

-Intrusive thoughts (what are they, why do they happen, how do I manage them?)
-Compulsions (what are they, why they don’t help)
-The OCD cycle: How to use ERP and ACT, to break the OCD cycle
-How to maintain recovery and manage “slips”
-How to advocate for yourself to others
– Helpful resources and tools to use outside of session.

The *core* theme will be around group empowerment, shared experiences, and community. However, it’s important that you know that you will never be pressured to share more than you want to.

Please contact me at tamara@evergreenstatecounseling.com for more information and to sign up!