How I Treat OCD Killer Thoughts: Treating Violent Obsessions

How I Treat OCD Killer Thoughts   Treating Violent ObsessionsBy Fred Penzel, Ph.D.        There are dozens of categories of different obsessions and compulsions that make up the disorder known as OCD, and while these cover a wide range

How Do I Know I’m Not Really Gay/Straight?

How Do I Know I’m Not Really Gay?By Fred Penzel, Ph.D.        OCD, as we know, is largely about experiencing severe and unrelenting doubt. It can cause you to doubt even the most basic things about yourself – even

The Role of Fear Conditioning in OCD

The Role of Fear Conditioning in OCD  By Paul R. Munford, Ph.D.   Paul R. Munford, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and director of the Cognitive Behavior Therapy Center for OCD and Anxiety in San Rafael California.       One of

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OCD and Contamination

An expert opinion piece on contamination.  On the surface, the contamination fears associated with OCD don’t seem
to be a very complicated subject. After all, dirt, germs, washing –
what could be simpler? Actually, when you take a closer look,
contamination is quite a bit more complicated than that.

What is ACT?

What is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, What is its Effectiveness, and Should I Look Into It? by Michael Twohig, Ph.D. Michael P. Twohig, Ph.D. a licensed clinical psychologist in Utah and an assistant professor at Utah State University. He received

Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP)

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) Finding A Therapist Cognitive Behavior Therapy Medicine Insurance Overview Cognitive Behavior Therapy, also called CBT, is an effective treatment for OCD. About 7 out of 10 people with OCD will benefit from either CBT or medicine.

Medications for OCD

Medicine for OCD Finding A Therapist Cognitive Behavior Therapy Medicine Insurance The following information refers to OCD medicines in adults. For information on medicine in children, click here. This page will focus on medicines, but that is not meant to