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This year’s 22nd Annual OCD Conference was special in many ways, from record-breaking attendance numbers to the excitement of getting to host this year’s Conference in the IOCDF’s hometown of Boston. Also unique to this year’s event was the introduction of the first-ever post-Conference event, a live taping of the Living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (LWOCD) podcast onsite at the Conference.

In the episode taped on the Sunday of the Conference, podcast hosts Julie and Andy Burnfield talk about the background of the show, how it came to be and discuss Julie’s OCD. They also interview Dr. Shana Doronn, a therapist and OCD expert who attended the Conference, and the IOCDF’s Dr. Jeff Szymanski, executive director of the Foundation and a practicing clinical psychologist. Members of the audience were also given the opportunity to reflect on the Conference experience and ask questions at the end of the taping. This was such a special episode for LWOCD hosts Julie and Andy and Drs. Doronn and Szymanski.

The LWOCD episode from the Conference can be downloaded at the following links:

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