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There are certain aspects of the Annual OCD Conference that you can always count on to remain consistent.  The Conference is always held in the summer. It always includes diverse programming, events, and resources to cater to the many different populations of our OCD community.  And of course, it always is an amazingly fun, informative, and powerful experience.  While these aspects will never change, the IOCDF is committed to making every Annual Conference unique by introducing novel programming and topic areas each year.  This summer, at our 24th Annual OCD Conference, we are very excited to offer a completely revamped program for the youngest members of our OCD community – the kids, middle schoolers, and teens.

Offering programming options for youth is not a new concept for the IOCDF.  Historically, the Annual OCD Conference has offered a “Kids & Teens Track” in addition to the Kids Art Therapy Room and Teens Art Studio & Lounge.  While in previous years youth had to pick between going to a workshop OR going to participate in the art rooms, this year, they can do both!  We will now offer individual programming for three distinct age groups – elementary-aged kids, middle schoolers, and high school-aged teens. Each program will span all three days of the Conference and will incorporate a full set of workshops and activities, including interactive educational sessions, field trips, scavenger hunts, artistic expression opportunities, support groups, and much more.  Youth of all ages will be treated daily to a wide variety of activities in a camp-like structure, and no two days will be alike.

In addition to the activities and workshops, attendees will also have the chance to create an ongoing project to take home after the Conference weekend ends – scrapbooks for kids, and yearbooks for middle schoolers and teens. These books will provide a great place for youth to write, draw, and reflect about what they have learned during the Conference, and will serve as keepsakes of their fond memories and new friends.

The new programs are designed to guide each age group through new skills, ways of thinking and behaving, and activities to help them manage their lives with OCD.  The goal was to create a completely new, comprehensive experience for kids, middle schoolers, and teens.  It is our hope that youth will come out of the Conference having had days full of learning, socializing, experiencing, and (most importantly) fun!  To see the schedule for each age group, please click here for kids, click here for middle schoolers, and click here for teens.

So, what do you think?  Will you join us this summer for this never-before-experienced program?  We can’t wait to see you there!

Visit the Conference website to learn more and register today!


  • Michelle

    The links are all taking me to programming for body dysmorphic disorder. Maybe they’re not working right?


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