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This year, we are thrilled to host the 25th Annual OCD Conference in Washington D.C. from July 27 – 29 (pre-conference activities on July 26).

Each year, both new and returning attendees tell us what a unique and amazing experience they had at the Annual OCD Conference. The Conference is not only a chance to learn about cutting-edge treatments and research, but also an opportunity to attend support groups and social events, find inspiration, and build lasting friendships.

Here’s what Conference attendees are saying about why YOU should attend the 25th Annual OCD Conference:

2017 Attendees Talk About Why You Should Attend

“If you haven’t been, come. It’s life changing and you will not regret it.”

“There’s something for you no matter how many times you have been here.”

Hear attendees, including professionals, those living with OCD, and family members, talk about the value of the Annual OCD Conference.

One Attendee Shares Her Experience

“The sessions were helpful for learning more about OCD, but by far my favorite part was just being surrounded by others who understood.“

Morgan Rondinelli talked about her experience at the Annual OCD Conference as part of her spoken word performance for the Mental Health Monologues.


“My favorite aspect of the Conference was the collaboration, connection, and information shared between researchers, clinicians, families, and OCD sufferers. It was wonderful to have all these groups in attendance.” –– 2017 Conference Attendee

“The Annual OCD Conference is not just educational, but also an opportunity for professionals to connect, those living with OCD to know they are not alone, and loved ones and caregivers to get support. It is nothing short of life changing for all those who attend.”
Robin Zasio, PsyD, LCSW

“This was my first Annual OCD Conference and I was very anxious to attend. But I felt welcomed immediately and it was a life-changing experience for me.”
 — 2017 Conference Attendee

The Annual OCD Conference inspired me to fight harder!”
 — 2017 Conference Attendee

“One of the things I appreciate so much about the Annual OCD Conference is that I get to connect with other professionals who are passionate about the unique and rewarding work we do as OCD specialists.”
 Jon Hershfield, MFT

Registration opens in late-March!

To learn more about the 25th Annual OCD Conference, visit the Conference website now.



  • Sarah

    This is much needed. OCD is being distorted worse by the media. Magazines are now writing articles about “types” of ocd as though there are different disorders of ocd instead of within the condition as a whole including “ perfectionist ocd,” “homosexual ocd” “hit and run ocd” “thoughts of harming others ocd” “ pure O” ocd and it’s disgusting. There is no person with OCD that only thinks one type of thought or has a specific type of ocd- ocd is ocd. By nature the thoughts – and they run the gamut- are disturbing or unwanted and negative – drive the conpulsions and that’s for everyone with this. Whether it’s that your going to die of an illness if you don’t wash your hands or whether it’s some other irrational thought it’s all disturbing. The OCF should get this out there and stop letting the world and the media determine and propagate this nightmare and misinformation further confusing this condition even worse.


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