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We’re excited to announce that the Online OCD Conference will feature our first-ever Open Mic Night, sponsored by Evidence Based Treatment Centers of Seattle! This pre-recorded event will feature talent from all across the OCD and related disorders community. 

If you have a special talent you’d like to showcase, whether you dance, play an instrument, recite poetry, sing, or something else, we’d love to see it! Share a video (three minutes or fewer) of a performance using the instructions below. 

Submissions do not need to be OCD-themed, but inclusion will be at the discretion of the IOCDF staff. You must be registered for the conference to participate.

Please send us your video using wetransfer.com. Simply upload your video file, enter the email as fharrington@iocdf.org, enter your email below to receive a notification that the file went through, and include your name and talent in the description.


  • Name: Jeyhan Turker (Artist Name: Jeyhan)
    Talent: Singing/Songwriting

    Song: “I Am More Than My Thoughts” by Jeyhan

    This past December, I was at a point where my contamination OCD was at its worse and I was having multiple panic attacks a day. The lyrics in the bridge of this song (“I am worthy of happy. I am worthy of love. I am worthy of laughter. I am worthy of fun/I am more than my thoughts. Them lies I won’t buy. I am a heart and a soul. I am one of a kind.”) were written mid-panic attack on a flight from D.C. to Miami for my spring semester of sophomore year in college. I kept repeating these lyrics to calm myself down throughout the flight. I also used this song during my recovery to remind myself that I am stronger than my OCD and I deserve to live a full life again. I hope it can help others that struggle with OCD as well!

  • Alexia White (on behalf of Carolyn White)


    Submitted a video on behalf of Carolyn White, young stand up comedian.


    Alexia White. (her mom)

  • Hello all! I just saw this open mic on Facebook. I have OCD, and would love to contribute something small to the conference. This is an an excerpt from one off my spoken word pieces about having OCD. Thank you!


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