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Meet IOCDF Advocate Caroline! Caroline shares the reasons why she became an IOCDF Advocate. Learn more about our advocate program.

My name is Caroline and I’m an IOCDF advocate! After attending my first IOCDF conference in 2017 in San Fran, my OCD and related disorders advocacy journey was sparked. 

My passion for OCD advocacy comes from seeing the lack of education, treatment, and the grave misunderstandings of OCD and its related disorders that impact those in the OCD community.  My hope is that through advocacy, we can change the conversation around OCD and therefore fuel opportunities for more education, community building, and treatment options. 

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As an advocate, I want to remind folks that although OCD may be a part of their journey, it is not their whole story! Take time out of each day to remind yourself of all the other things that make you, YOU!

I’m Caroline and not only am I an IOCDF advocate but I also love doing calligraphy, searching for the best vanilla lattes, spending quality time with friends, and spending time outdoors with my family. 

Advocacy is so important to me for these reasons and of course, so many more, but tell me, why do you advocate?!

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