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Meet IOCDF Advocate Sophie Suri! Sophie shares the reasons why she became an IOCDF Advocate in the video below. Learn more about our advocate program.

“I always felt so much shame about my OCD. I felt like I was the odd one out and that there was something wrong with me- which is the worst way for anyone to have to feel. Through sharing my own journey with OCD and becoming an IOCDF Advocate, I hope to raise awareness, educate others on what OCD actually is (and what it is not), as well as break the stigma.”- Sophie Suri

About Sophie Suri

Sophie is a research associate at Teesside University and a research fellow for the NIHR ARC NENC in the UK. In these roles she is focused on finding ways to engage and empower people in their own mental healthcare. She believes that everyone should have access to the care she has had and is dedicated to making resources more accessible for people no matter what their background. Sophie is currently writing her first book detailing her experience of losing parents at a young age and subsequent battles with OCD and trauma. The main aim of the book is to help people manage OCD and trauma in ways that support their mind, body, and spirit. Sophie is passionate about her OCD advocacy, loves sports and is dedicated to helping others find light in their own darkness.

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