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Meet community artist Lydia Hayes! At the 27th Annual OCD Conference this July, Lydia (19) submitted ten artworks to be showcased in our Conference Art Gallery. Through exploring art in therapy, Lydia creates portraits of personifications & other representations of her OCD and anxiety struggles to process her own feelings and experiences. She finds this form of art connects to people deeper than any words could.

Continue below to see Lydia's artwork that she created in clinic as exposure assignments during ERP therapy!

1. Self-Portrait.  |  2. Dissociation.  | 3. Expectations | 4. Germs.

5. Guilt. | 6. Masking Emotions. | 7. My OCD Painting. | 8. My OCD.

9. Residential Treatment. | 10. Vulnerability

Annual OCD Conference Art Gallery

At the Conference Exhibit Hall each year, the OCD Art Gallery features artwork submitted by members of the OCD community, from prints to paintings to mixed media, and more.

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