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 By Shaun Flores

Unfortunately, I found another company that clearly does not know what OCD is and has the typical old trope of OCD to sell more of its products. A cheap marketing ploy if you ask me. 

Within my OCD recovery WhatsApp group, I was sent a photo by one of my members. 

There's branding that says “Obsessive Churro Disorder”, another company that mocks OCD

The company I am calling out goes by the name Papi Churros based in Birmingham, with a mere 1,203 followers on Instagram.

This number does not matter it's a principle. A principle that we have to rid the scourge of OCD being mocked. 

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There seems to be a pandemic where the ignorance and continued regurgitation of misinformation about OCD leaks in countless parts of our society. 

Something as simple and consumable as Churros has now entered the discussion of OCD.


A churro is described by Wikipedia as: ” a type of fried dough from Spanish and Portuguese cuisine, made with choux pastry dough piped into hot oil with a piping bag and large closed star tip or similar shape.” 

Companies have become super desperate with their marketing plans to try and mock mental illnesses over and over again. Turning them into something that is easily dismissed and looked over. Until an advocate, or activist who lives with OCD calls these companies out. 

To add more sugar to the bittersweet wound “When the churros are so SOO good you develop OCD”, anyone with lived experience of OCD, does not want OCD, neither is it sweet, desirable, or something to aim towards.

This company still has an active social media presence and remains in business. The last active Instagram post was on 30th December 2022.

Misunderstandings of OCD

I implore companies whilst they have to do research to join the market need to do the research into mental illness. OCD has long been regarded as a joke. In the UK the idea of OCD being about cleaning, and symmetry and regarded in a comical manner has originated  and existed thanks to shows like ‘Obsessive-Compulsive Cleaners - All 4’. The first episode aired in 2013, where OCD was presented as a trait to be sought after. For us living with OCD, this couldn't be further removed from the truth. In fact, ‘only 26.5% of people with OCD actually have cleaning compulsions’, according to OCD UK, which responded to the series (which was unbelievably commissioned for a third season amidst the backlash).

This show has pushed the notion into the popular culture of what people believe OCD is.

This is the chance for companies to rather than just be called out, allow it a moment to listen. Teaching moments are important and the day we stop learning we aren't living anymore.

Donate some money to OCD charities, and do some research.

Thank you very much

Shaun Flores 

OCD warrior.

Shaun Flores is an IOCDF Advocate based in London, UK.  You can find his work here:

Social Media: theshaunflores


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    So disappointing that in 2023 mental illness is still being mocked. Well done for calling it out!


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