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By Alie Garza

IOCDF Advocate Alie Garza, LCSW, shares about her life currently as she navigates what she describes as "her OCD's worst-case scenario come true."
The term "worst-case scenario" is often used to describe the outcomes, consequences and unknowns we fear. OCD convinces us that by engaging in compulsions, we can mitigate, avoid, and prevent this.
In ERP therapy, we are examining these anxiety-driven compulsions and instead engaging in our values, even while uncertainty is still present.
But what happens when, in the midst of uncertainty ... our worst-case scenarios come true? What does that mean about ERP therapy that we've done in the past, present and moving forward?
Alie discusses this through the lens of a person with lived experience with OCD and a clinician specializing in OCD as well.


  • Akash Dutta

    I am living with ocd which I realised very lately now currently I don’t actually know I which stage I m in but I m quite hopeful about my life and I m also hopeful that I could overcome the ocd in near future


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