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Guest post: My First Annual OCD Conference Experience

Happy #ThrowbackThursday! Today’s blog  entry comes from Alison Dotson, who has served as our featured Annual OCD Conference blogger since the 2014 Conference in Los Angeles. In today’s special #tbt post, Alison reflects on what it was like attending her first Annual OCD Conference and what made it such a positive experience she’s now eager to return… Read more »

Guest Post: Hello From the New President of the IOCDF Board of Directors!

After last week’s announcement regarding leadership changes on the IOCDF’s board of directors, we’re excited to “formally” introduce incoming Board President Shannon Shy, Esq., on today’s blog! Shannon has been a welcome face at past IOCDF events, and previously served as the Board’s secretary. Below is his story and more on what he hopes to… Read more »

Guest Post: “I bet that man suffers from it himself”

Today’s blog entry comes from Menno Oosterhoff, a psychiatrist and board member for, an IOCDF Global Partner based in the Netherlands. Dr. Oosterhoff’s post represents both a global perspective on mental health issues and that of a treatment provider with OCD himself, resulting in a unique point of view we are thrilled to share with… Read more »

One Size Does Not Fit All: Learning That Your Story May Not Be My Story

The IOCDF blog often shares personal stories from those in the OCD community about their experiences living with OCD and related disorders. Today’s entry from featured blogger Alison Dotson focuses on the process of sharing her personal recovery story, and navigating the fact that treatment can look so different to different people. Being an advocate… Read more »

Guest Post: Quitting Cold Turkey — OCD and Thanksgiving

Hannah Zidansek, author of today’s guest blog, was this year’s OCD Awareness Week Video Contest winner. Her video received over 200 votes throughout the week and is a great example of using humor to raise awareness about OCD. Here, Hannah shares a story about how OCD went from stopping her from enjoying holiday time with… Read more »

Guest post: What is it like to be in residential treatment?

Today’s guest post comes from Morgan, a college student and OCDvocate who recently shared more about her experiences as a current participant in a residential treatment program on her blog here. As Morgan describes below, various levels of care can sometimes get confusing, with people unsure of what to expect from a particular treatment approach…. Read more »

Guest Post: Denis and Judy Asselin On The Move For OCD and BDD Awareness

The latest entry in our OCD Awareness Week guest blog series comes from Denis and Judy Asselin. When it comes to showcasing unique approaches to advocacy, the Asselin family undoubtedly stands out. Denis has walked hundreds of miles from his home in Pennsylvania to destinations such as Boston and Washington D.C. in honor of his… Read more »