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Listening to My Gut

Today’s blog is the latest installment from our guest blogger, Alison Dotson, author of the upcoming book, Being Me with OCD. When I read Alison’s blog below, what struck me was the importance of recognizing how self-care and flexibility are critical components of relapse prevention. Medication, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), or a combination of both,… Read more »

I Really Am Sooo OCD: Writing About OCD to Reduce Stigma

In March, I had an opportunity to help spread the word about OCD—including my own obsessions and struggles—in a huge public forum: the Huffington Post website. OCD was suddenly a timely topic after Lena Dunham’s character on Girls displayed symptoms, and while I was excited about the opportunity to tell a large audience more about the disorder,… Read more »

Recovery Is a Journey: Remaining Vigilant

We have recently started featuring guest posts to the IOCDF Blog from people in the OCD community willing to share their stories. Today’s post is from Alison Dotson, who you may remember from her recent Huffington Post blog about the depiction of OCD on the HBO show Girls. “I had a hard day last week. Since I was formally diagnosed with OCD nearly seven years ago, I have had more good days than bad, something I sometimes take for granted…