Evidence Based Treatment Centers of Seattle (EBTCS)

Intensive Treatment Program, Specialty Outpatient Clinic
Director: Jennifer Tininenko, PhD (Child Anxiety Center; OCD/Anxiety IOP) & Travis Osbourne, PhD (Adult Anxiety Center)
Contact Name: Elizabeth Lagbas
1200 5th Ave
Suite 800
Seattle, Washington 98101

The Evidence Based Treatment Centers of Seattle (EBTCS) is a well-established clinic, founded in 2002, that offers specialty treatment for OCD and related disorders, eating disorders, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. The Child Anxiety Center and Adult Anxiety Center at EBTCS are comprised of PhD-level clinicians who work closely together as a coordinated team to deliver the highest quality evidence-based care. We are dedicated to offering cutting-edge treatments, and stay current on the science through ongoing trainings and our in-house clinical outcomes research program.

There are multiple levels of care offered at EBTCS, ranging from weekly outpatient to intensive outpatient programs (IOP). IOP specialty tracks include OCD and other impairing anxiety disorders, school refusal, selective mutism or hybrid treatments that include eating disorder or DBT interventions. The 5 day/week individualized IOP programs for both adults and children provide therapist-assisted ERP as the primary intervention along with out-of-session coaching and crisis supports. Treatment occurs where needed, which entails out of the office exposures, including interventions at home or school. In addition to individual treatment, we offer multiple coordinated additional supports including specialty child and adult psychiatry, behavioral parent coaching addressing family accommodation or other family needs, or working with another specialty treatment provider within our clinic.

OCD Specialists At This Clinic: