Help spread the word to support the IOCDF this #GivingTuesday!

This Giving Tuesday, held on November 30th, 2021, give the gift of community, support, and hope to someone living with OCD! IOCDF programs help people living with OCD every step of the way, whether they are experiencing OCD symptoms for the first time, seeking proper diagnosis, searching for a therapist to access effective treatment, or seeking… Read more »

Announcing 2022 Research Grant Opportunities

The IOCDF will be offering over $1.1 million in research funding in 2022 to improve scientific understanding and treatment of OCD and related mental health disorders! Beginning January 4th, 2022, researchers will have the opportunity to apply for the following grants: Breakthrough Awards — $500,000 grants for senior researchers pursuing cutting-edge OCD research. The goal… Read more »

Why I Became an Advocate: Ryan Bernstein

Meet IOCDF Advocate Ryan Bernstein! He shares a poem about why he chose to become an IOCDF Advocate. Learn more about our advocacy program. Advocacy means standing up for yourself and others It means Sharing yourself Being vulnerable and strong at the same time OCD impacts not just your life but those who care about you… Read more »

Present at the Annual OCD Conference in Denver, CO AND our virtual conferences!

Accepting proposals starting January 4th, 2022 We at the IOCDF are very excited to begin planning for our in-person Annual OCD Conference in Denver, CO as well as our 2022 virtual conference series! Whether they are in person or virtual, our conferences bring the entire OCD and related disorders community together to learn, train, network,… Read more »

Help us spread Messages of Hope this holiday season!

It’s time to spread some holiday cheer! The holidays can be a hard time for those who are away from home to get help with their OCD. Something as simple as a card and a message from the heart during this time of year can make a huge difference.  That’s why the IOCDF is asking… Read more »

World Kindness Day: Find Your Own Kind

By Lead Advocate, Valerie Andrews World Kindness Day is observed annually on November 13. Originally formed in 1998 to promote kindness throughout the world; this unofficial international celebration was designed to reflect and promote the common thread of kindness that binds us all together on a global level. I must admit that five years ago,… Read more »

Why I Became an Advocate: Adira Weixlmann

Meet IOCDF Advocate Adira Weixlmann! She shares with us her journey and why she chose to become an IOCDF Advocate. Learn more about our advocacy program. “I love to remind other OCD sufferers and their families that a person isn’t just their OCD. Yes, I have OCD but it doesn’t define me. I am also… Read more »

IOCDF Advocate Alex: Unity is my greatest motivator

As part of our #ChalkItUpToValues campaign for #OCDWeek, we invited the IOCDF Advocates to write about what they value and what motivates them to face OCD. Here, Alex Rosenberg writes about unity with the OCD community. Unity among people has gotten me to seek and continue with OCD treatment.  I have constantly been tempted to… Read more »

Un-teal there’s no stigma

by IOCDF Lead Advocate Valerie Andrews Being a woman of color, living with a mental illness such as obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) has been challenging over the years. Being thrown into a world that I had absolutely no idea existed, it became apparent that we (POC) were lacking in both numbers and commitment. I found… Read more »

What’s worth fighting OCD for?

by IOCDF Advocate Adira Weixlmann My world was rocked when I was diagnosed with OCD at the age of 18. Prior to developing symptoms — practically overnight — I had lived a very privileged high school experience. I was at the top of my class with a full course load of AP classes, I had… Read more »