Special Topics

They Aren’t Like Me, They Are Bad, and They Are to Blame: Different Kinds of Stigma Experienced by Individuals with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Hoarding Disorder
by Gregory S. Chasson, PhD, & Sage Bates
Published: Spring 2018

 Measuring Brain Waves Can Help Detect OCD Symptoms in Youth
by Elana Harris, MD, PhD with Paul Horn, PhD, Akiva Kirschner, Jing Xiang, MD, PhD
Published: Winter 2019

 Post-mortem Brain Research Holds for Discovery of New OCD Treatment
by Susanne Ahmari, MD,PhD
Published: Winter 2018

NEW!! A Big Bang Theory of OCD: Why The First Few Moments Make All The Difference
by David J. Keuler, PhD
Published: Winter 2020