Special Topics

NEW!! OCD in Owls and Larks
by Jacob A. Nota, PhD, ABPP
Published: Spring 2023

Inflammation and OCD: What Are the Links?
by Boyee Lin, BSc, Clara Westwell-Roper, MD, PhD, Zainab Naqqash, BA, Cynthia Lu, BA, and S. Evelyn Stewart, MD.
Published: Summer 2022

How Disease and Medication Shape the Brain in OCD: Learning from Global Collaboration
by Odile A. van den Heuvel, MD, PhD, Chris Vriend, PhD, Nadza Dzinalija, MSc, H. Blair Simpson, MD, PhD, Ilya M. Veer, PhD, Henrik Walter, MD, PhD, Iliyan Ivanov, MD, Paul M. Thompson, PhD, and Dan J. Stein, MD, PhD
Published: Spring 2022

They Aren’t Like Me, They Are Bad, and They Are to Blame: Different Kinds of Stigma Experienced by Individuals with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Hoarding Disorder
by Gregory S. Chasson, PhD, & Sage Bates
Published: Spring 2018

 Measuring Brain Waves Can Help Detect OCD Symptoms in Youth
by Elana Harris, MD, PhD with Paul Horn, PhD, Akiva Kirschner, Jing Xiang, MD, PhD
Published: Winter 2019

 Post-mortem Brain Research Holds for Discovery of New OCD Treatment
by Susanne Ahmari, MD,PhD
Published: Winter 2018

A Big Bang Theory of OCD: Why The First Few Moments Make All The Difference
by David J. Keuler, PhD
Published: Winter 2020