Annual Fund

Annual Fund contributions enable the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF) to be the number one resource for everyone affected by OCD and related disorders. A gift to the Annual Fund will support the work of the IOCDF and will provide support in the efforts to educate, raise awareness, and improve access to desperately needed resources for people living with OCD and related disorders, their families, and treatment providers.

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Contributions to the IOCDF’s Annual Fund help support:

  • Website Resources
    Expanding our comprehensive Resource Directory so that more people can find support and treatment.
  • Training Institute
    Keeping costs for our IOCDF Training Institute down so that more therapists can become trained in how to effectively treat OCD.
  • Pediatric Outreach Program
    Allowing us to create educational brochures and resources about Pediatric OCD and PANDAS/PANS.
  • OCD Awareness Week
    Supporting our efforts to raise awareness and advocate for the community, in partnership with our local affiliates.
  • Annual OCD Conference
    Helping to keep registration costs down so that the Annual OCD Conference is accessible for more people.