Become an Advocate for the IOCDF

An advocate is someone who publicly supports a cause, or fights for something they believe in. In mental health — this often means fighting stigma by being willing to talk frankly about your experience with mental illness. Advocacy is not always an easy road — but it is an important one. It is only by sharing our own stories, that we will encourage others to talk about their own struggles, and hopefully encourage others to get help. The taboo only exists as long as we reinforce it by staying silent.

At the IOCDF, we get many requests from members of the OCD community who want to know what they can do to help.  Whether it means joining the #1Million4OCD Walk each year, speaking at a local affiliate event, or even blogging about your experiences — being an advocate means joining a community all fighting for the same thing. Our voices joined together can have an impact.

Over the coming months and years, our IOCDF Ambassadors will be reaching out to advocates via the IOCDF blog, social media, and emails with challenges, projects, and ways you can join them to work together and make a big impact.

For today — take a moment to think about what advocacy means to you. And whether you are ready to take this journey.

wristband-picIf so, click here to take the pledge. You will receive an #OCDvocate wristband in the mail, and you will be added to our Advocate email list to receive important ways you can help to raise awareness of OCD and related disorders, and tips for being an effective advocate.

And don’t forget to use the #OCDvocate hashtag on social media to let the world know you are a proud advocate for OCD, related disorders, and the IOCDF.

  • What’s an OCDvocate? An OCDvocate is an advocate for OCD and related disorders. Use the #OCDvocate hashtag on your tweets, posts, and pics that promote awareness, hope, and advocacy.

If you aren’t ready to be an advocate — that’s okay, too! This community welcomes everyone, and we understand that advocacy is a personal choice — and it’s not always an easy one.