Tanya A. Abughazaleh PsyD

Post Doc

315 S Beverly Drive
Suite 409
Beverly Hills, California 90035
ADA Accessible
Supervisor: Noah Laracy, PsyD

Narrative of Services:

The general percentage of my case load ranges from 80-100% OCD/Anxiety related disorders since 2019.

Training Description:

I’ve received training from Renewed Freedom Center during my practicum and post-doc for 3 years and currently is still receiving training and working with OCD/Anxiety population at my current post-doc site at Noah Laracy Psychology who has done multiple presentations at previous IOCDF conferences. Both of my supervisors are on members of ICODF while the other is on the board. I have experience with this population for 5 years in total.

Diversity Statement:

My graduate program prided themselves for the training in multicultural populations. I have worked with a vast range of cultures with myself being multiracial and understanding the additional layers that can add in regards to providing treatment and working with different cultures within this population.

Throughout my 5 years psy. d program, my graduate program provided multicultural curriculum and classes. I believe my experience working in different mental health settings have also allowed me to be more up to date with different cultures and backgrounds. Throughout each post-doc site, they provided cultural training and how it can impact treatment and the therapeutic relationship as well as the pts motivation/willingness towards treatment.