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OCD Newsletter CoverIn advance of today’s #OCDchat with Dr. Wayne Goodman, who will be answering your questions about OCD medication, we wanted to give a special preview to Dr. Goodman’s article in the newest issue of the OCD Newsletter.  The OCD Newsletter is a quarterly publication featuring research news, articles from the Therapy Community, and featuring essays and creative writing from individuals with OCD.  The Newsletter is usually available only to members of the IOCDF (learn more about membership here), but we wanted to make this article available to everyone in advance of today’s chat.

Towards New Medications for Refractory OCD

by Christopher Pittenger, MD, PhD, & Wayne Goodman, MD

Current psychotherapy and medication treatments for OCD can be of help to many who suffer from the disorder. Unfortunately, as many as a quarter of patients do not experience much benefit from these standard treatments, such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) or Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), even when they are used well. The development of new treatment options for these individuals is an urgent clinical and research need. This article looks at up-and-coming research on medications that affect the brain’s glutamate system as a strategy for treating refractory OCD (also known as “treatment-resistant” OCD). Download PDF of entire article here.

Read the article, and then bring your questions about OCD medications to today’s #OCDchat at 12noon Eastern. Dr. Goodman will be our guest panelist, and will be joined by moderators Jeff Szymanski, PhD, clinical psychologist and executive director of the IOCDF, and Carly Bourne, director of communications for the IOCDF.

To join the chat, just go to iocdf.org/chat. No Twitter or Facebook accounts needed to participate. See you today at 12pm ET!


  • Manish

    Hi, i’m suffering from OCD, i found out about the term OCD in early 2014, before that i used to think that i have superpowers to control the world and what i think can change everything in the world.
    I’m 21 and i think my OCD started in early 2008 when i lost two people who were very close to me. After losing them i felt like what i did on that day was the reason i lost them, more specifically at that exact time and then i decided to avoid repeating anything that i did on that day, like reading book facing the south side, or tearing a loose thread from my clothes( that’s what i did at the time i lost them). And slowly those things lead to even more and more thoughts to avoid few things and then ritual began and thinking of an image in mind when i touch something, deciding what to touch with left hand and with right hand and so many things.

    I know that such rituals are senseless but i can’t stop myself from doing them, i have tried reverse psychology techniques and several other techniques and i have been successful in avoiding OCD for a while until i have a relapse and my OCD returns.

    I don’t know what to do, i would be very glad and obliged to you if you could help me or guide me in stopping OCD


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