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Drumroll, please… and the winner is:

Melanie Lefebvre — Cooking up OCD Awareness #OCDWeek

My video features me as a chef in a pretend cooking show, cooking up recipes for OCD awareness. I’m hoping to connect with people’s curiosity while highlighting types of OCD that the general population isn’t necessarily familiar with, such as harm OCD and scrupulosity OCD. The ingredients consist of items that represent these types of OCD. I also wanted to portray a message of hope so I featured a recipe for exposure and response prevention. I present my chef hat to the camera at the end of the video to encourage people to become a chef of their own and learn more about different types of OCD after the cooking lesson is finished. I also self-disclose as having OCD in the beginning of the video to show that it is not something to be ashamed of.

Congratulations, Melanie!

And congrats to all of the finalists! We had so many great entries this year. Please watch them all and share on your social media networks to keep spreading the message of OCD awareness all year long.

You can watch all five finalists on the IOCDF YouTube Channel here.



  • Lisa cormier

    Melanie, you sent me a message to me regarding g the accident that never happened book that helped me, I have some information for you… You can either send me an email or even face book me again my name is Lisa Cormier and my profile picture is myself, husband and son in Fall Folliage background, I would accept you as friend or any other way I could give you the info, have a good day!!

  • Ashley

    I really appreciated the Outtakes as well, since as an OCD sufferer, I tend to strive at “perfection”. On looking at the “Show” it’s easy to think, “Wow! I could never have done such a flawless job.” (Yet you know that this obviously wasn’t completed on a One- Shot Take. )

    It really is refreshing to see others understand your pain and not belittle these “Ingredients” that make us who we currently are. Thank You Melanie for your bowlful of “Courage” that contributes to your encouragement. 🙂

    • I love all the shout outs you give to various aspects of my video. Feels nice to know you really took it all in and enjoy the recipe.


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