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With the 2015 Annual OCD Conference only 7 weeks away, the IOCDF staff is busy preparing for what we hope will be our best Conference yet. We are so excited for all of you to come to our hometown of Boston and experience the magic of the Annual OCD Conference with us.

Quick Reminder: Register this week to save! Our early bird registration deadline is one week from now, on Monday, June 22nd, at 5pm ET. After that date, you will still be able to register, but prices will go up. Click here to see all registration rates.

Over the last few of months, we have received some really great questions from the IOCDF community about the Annual OCD Conference. It is thank to feedback from YOU, our attendees, that the Conference gets better and better each year! Read below for a roundup of some of these questions — and please be sure to email us at conference@iocdf.org if you have any other questions that were not answered by this post.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Over the last few of months, we have received some really great questions from the IOCDF community about the Annual OCD Conference. It is thank to feedback from YOU, our attendees, that the Conference gets better and better each year! Read below for a roundup of some of these questions — and please be sure to email us at conference@iocdf.org if you have any other questions that were not answered by this post.


Can I still register for the Conference?

Absolutely! If you register before the Early Bird Deadline on Monday, June 22nd at 5pm ET, you will receive the discounted early bird rates. You will still be able to register after the Early Bird Deadline; however, the prices will increase. Click here for more information about registration rates for the Conference and to register online now.

I just registered myself for the Conference. Now what?

Great! If you registered for the Conference online, by phone, or by mail and provided us with your email address, you should have received an email confirmation from us with information about your Conference registration(s). We will also be sending out an email to all Conference attendees as we approach the Conference with further information. Also be sure to keep an eye on our Conference website at www.ocd2015.org as we will be continuing to update this with more information leading up to the Conference weekend (and more blogs, too!).

I just found out that I will no longer be able to attend this year’s Annual OCD Conference — how do I cancel my registration? Will I receive a refund?

Yes, you are able to cancel your registration. However, per the registration terms and conditions outlined on our registration page, as well as in the emailed receipt all attendees receive, all cancellations and requests for refunds must be made in writing and postmarked by Thursday, July 10th, 2015. A $50 cancellation fee will be charged per registrant. No refunds will be granted to requests postmarked after July 10th. Cancellations made by telephone or email will not be accepted. All cancellation requests must be sent to us at the following address: International OCD Foundation, PO Box 961029, Boston, MA 02196.

I was just looking at the online Conference schedule, and I see a lot of things I want to attend! Do I have to pre-register for any of these presentations?

Nope! Once you are registered for the Conference, you are free to attend all sessions and do NOT have to pre-register (unless otherwise noted*). Full Conference registrants are welcome to attend all pre-Conference programing on Thursday afternoon and evening, as well as all presentations and events taking place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. One-day Friday registrants are welcome to attend all pre-Conference programing on Thursday, as well as all presentations and events taking place on Friday. One-day Saturday registrants are welcome to attend all presentations and events taking place on Saturday and Sunday. *The only events with an extra registration fee are the two Pre-Conference Training Sessions for professionals taking place on Thursday 7/30. 

Please be advised that all sessions are on a first-come, first-served basis, so please plan to arrive early for a scheduled presentation/event/support group to guarantee yourself a seat,.

I have registered for the Annual OCD Conference, but would also like to attend parts of the Hoarding Meeting and/or the Spanish Program. Can I attend parts of these programs with my Conference registration?

Absolutely! Both the Hoarding Meeting and the Spanish Program are open to all attendees with an OCD Conference Registration. While both of these events have a special registration rate, these unique registration options are for those who want to attend only the Hoarding Meeting OR the Spanish Program. Those already registered for the Conference are welcome to attend presentations and events in these special programs taking place on the days included in their Conference registration (e.g., if you have a Saturday-only one-day badge, you may attend the Spanish Program since that takes place on Saturday). For more information about the Hoarding Meeting, click here, and for more information about the Spanish Program, click here.

I am currently only registered for a one-day registration — can I upgrade my registration to a full Conference registration if I change my mind?

Yes, you will be able to upgrade your one-day registration to a full registration if you change your mind. Please call us at (617) 973-5801 and we can make this upgrade for you over the phone. You will also be able to upgrade to a full registration onsite during the Conference weekend.

I am a professional currently registered for the Annual OCD Conference at the Adult rate (because I did not need CE/CME credits). However, I would now like to receive CE/CME credits for the Conference — how can I do this?

If you would like to receive CE/CME credits for the Conference but did not sign up at the Professional registration rate, please call us at the IOCDF office at (617) 973-5801 and we can help you with this. Please be advised that you need to be a current Professional Member of the IOCDF at the time of the Conference in order to receive the discounted Professional Member registration rate (otherwise, you can register at the Professional NON-Member rate).

Hotel & Travel

I just saw that the Conference Hotel is sold out! Is there still a way to get a hotel room nearby?

Yes! Our room blocks at the Westin Boston Waterfront (the conference hotel) and the Renaissance Hotel have now both sold out. But, we now have opened up another room block at the Hilton Boston Logan Airport, located conveniently next to airport and easily accessible to the conference hotel via the Silver Line (SL1) on Boston’s public transit system (see below for more info about using public transit in Boston). We have secured a great rate for OCD Conference attendees of $249 at the Hilton. Please click here for more information about the Hilton and how to make your hotel reservation — we are expecting these rooms to sell out very quickly, so make your reservation today!

I still need to make my flight reservations. Do you have any discounts available that I could look into?

Yes! We are pleased to announce discounted airfare via Delta Airlines for Conference attendees. Reservations and ticketing are available via www.delta.com/meeting or by calling Delta Meeting Network Reservations at 800-328-1111. Please use meeting code “NMLGB” when booking.

What is the easiest (and cheapest) way of getting from the airport to the Conference hotel?

The cheapest and easiest way to get to the Westin (and the Renaissance) from Logan International Airport is by using the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) Silver Line. The airport is just 3 miles away from both the Westin and the Renaissance! The MBTA Silver Line (SL1) is an easy-to-use bus that is free from the airport and provides quick transport to the Westin. The SL1 picks up curbside from all airport terminals and drops off just one block (0.2mi) from the Westin at the World Trade Center stop (also located just across the street from the Renaissance). Cost: FREE from the airport / $2.50 to the airport.

Attendees can also use Super Shuttle, taxis, or rent a car while in Boston. For more information about all transportation and parking options, please visit our website here.

Where can I talk with other people who are going to the Conference to arrange room sharing?

Due to liability concerns, the IOCDF cannot directly help you to arrange sharing a room at the conference. Please use your best judgment when determining where to stay, and whether to share a roomHowever, there is a Conference Chatter message board on Yahoo that is great forum if you are interested in:

  • Learning all about the conference from a first-hand perspective
  • Connecting with other attendees before the conference
  • Coordinating with others to carpool to the conference or share a hotel room to save money*
  • Sharing your questions and concerns with veteran attendees, if you have never been to a conference before

The message board is not affiliated with the IOCDF, but is run by experienced Conference attendees who can answer your questions and post suggestions. You can find that message board here: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/CC-OCF/info

Getting Around Boston

My family/friends and I are so excited to attend this year’s Annual OCD Conference in Boston — we’ve never been to Boston before and are looking for some fun sightseeing things to do! Any suggestions?

Yes! Since we are Boston locals, we have some great ideas for sightseeing you should check out while you are here. Take a look at our Conference website here for more information about what you can’t miss while visiting Beantown.

What meals are included with my Conference registration? Are there any restaurants within close walking distance for lunch and dinner during the Conference weekend?

Continental breakfast is included with the price of your registration on all three days of the OCD Conference. For lunch, there are dozens of restaurant options in and around the hotel.

A light dinner on Saturday evening is also included as part of your registration fee, but it is the only evening meal offered. The hotel’s great location in the up-and-coming Seaport District in downtown Boston means there are many dinner options nearby that can meet any budget or taste. We will include a restaurant list with your Program Guide when you check in at the Conference!

I am very excited about attending this year’s Annual OCD Conference; however, I am on a pretty fixed budget. Do you have any ideas for making this experience a bit more cost-efficient for me?

Definitely — we know that the Conference is a big expense for many of our attendees. Based on feedback from previous years, we’ve put together an article called “Cost-Effective Ways to Attend the Conference” that can be found on our Conference website here. There are some great tips and ideas included to help you save money while also making the most of your Conference weekend.

Conference Sessions

I have never been to an OCD Conference before and have never met someone else with OCD! How can I meet others like me, as well as get the most out of the Conference weekend?

Each year, about half of the people at the OCD Conference are first time attendees, so you will not be alone! Our Conference is a caring and respectful environment full of individuals who are eager to learn and meet others who are sharing the same experiences. It is a unique event where therapists, researchers, those with OCD, and their loved ones all learn beside one another.

If you feel comfortable doing so, you can pick up a free “First Time Attendee” ribbon at the registration area to place on your Conference badge. Placing these ribbons on your name badge will help you identify and meet others who are also attending for the first time and let some of our more experienced Conference attendees know that they can offer you advice and tips. We will also have “Conference Ambassadors” who will be available to answer your questions throughout the Conference weekend. Just look for their Ambassador buttons.

We are always trying to find new ways to create “ice breakers” early on at the Conference. For those of you who are arriving in town on Thursday, we have a number of fun activities that evening, which are a great way to meet other attendees before the workshops begin on Friday. We especially recommend attending our new “Louder Than OCD Cabaret,” as well as the OCD Pub Trivia event (a popular favorite!) for those attendees over 21. For more information about all evening activities at the conference, click here. 

When will descriptions for the presentations be posted?

We will be posting descriptions/abstracts for all presentations, events, and support groups in the online schedule here by late June. Descriptions for all events will also be included in the Program Guide, which all attendees will receive when they check in for the Conference. 

I will be attending the Conference with my child(ren). There are some presentations and events that I want to attend as a parent that might not be suitable for my child(ren). Is there anything for kids and teens to do while parents are attending more adult-focused events?

Yes. We know that OCD is a family affair, so we have designed the Conference to provide the best experience possible to all families who attend, large and small. We have workshops tracks dedicated to Kids/Teens, and well as another track for Parents and Families.

We do encourage parents to stay with their younger kids during sessions. While each session does have a dedicated volunteer in the room at all times, they are not responsible for monitoring kids. If you want to attend a session for parents or adults, we encourage you to have your child visit the Kids and Teens Art Therapy rooms during your presentation. Those rooms are staffed with experienced therapists who will be doing a number of fun art therapy exercise and projects throughout the weekend, and who will make sure your child does not leave the room unattended. Please note that these rooms are therapeutic and are meant primarily for children and adolescents with anxiety disorders (though siblings and other children without anxiety disorders are also welcome); the Art Therapy rooms are not intended to serve as childcare.

Parents who feel comfortable allowing their older kids/teens to attend a workshop or visit the Art Therapy Room by themselves can do so. Additionally, kids/teens are welcome to attend talks with their parents as well. For more information about the programing for kids and teens, please take a look at our Conference website here.

My spouse/family member/friend/child wants to attend the Annual OCD Conference with me, but they do not have OCD themselves. Do you have to have OCD to attend this Conference?

No, you do NOT need to have OCD and/or a related disorder to attend the Conference. In fact, we encourage those who do not have OCD themselves to attend, as it will help all those involved in the treatment process (family members, spouses, friends, caretakers, teachers, professionals, researchers, etc.) to understand what their loved one/person they are treating is going through. We have specialized presentation tracks for adults, young adults, kids, and teens with OCD, as well as tracks for parents & family members, therapists, and researchers, so there really is something for everyone. Take a look at our online schedule here to read more about the various programs we offer. If you are still unsure whether or not the Annual OCD Conference is for you, feel free to email us at conference@iocdf.org or call us at 617-973-5801 and we would be happy to talk with you more about this.

Can I go to the professional talks if I am not a therapist or researcher?

Yes. While anyone can attend the therapist or researcher presentations, we do ask that those who are attending the presentations be prepared for the talk to be more advanced than presentations in the other tracks. As with all of our sessions, we do ask that you hold your questions until the end of the talk. All talks are also designated as either Introductory, Intermediate, or Advanced — so if you wish to attend a therapist or research talk, you may find those marked as “Introductory” to be more accessible than more advanced talks.

I am a professional, but I am not currently independently licensed to practice psychotherapy (I am still being supervised, so have a limited license). Can I attend the Conference and receive CE/CMEs? Can I attend one of the Pre-Conference Training Sessions?

If you have a limited license and are still being supervised, you can elect to become a Student/Trainee member of the IOCDF (click here to learn more: http://iocdf.org/get-involved/membership/), OR you can become a Professional member if your limited license still allows you to receive CE/CMEs. If you are not currently eligible for CE/CMEs, you can register as a Student or an Adult and will still be able to attend all of the presentations in the therapist and researcher tracks.

As for the Pre-Conference Training Sessions, you can only attend the Professional Consultation Groups if you are an independently licensed professional (Student/Trainee members are NOT permitted to attend this training). However, Student/Trainee members are allowed to attend It Takes a Village: A Community Response to Hoarding.

Are there opportunities for treatment at the Conference?

Dr. Reid Wilson offers a 2-day treatment program at the conference, but unfortunately those sessions are now completely sold out.  There are other less formal treatment opportunities at the Conference that do not require advance registration, such as the many different support groups held each evening at the Conference, the “Virtual Camping” exposure experience on Friday evening, and more. Check out our online Conference schedule here to see what else is available.

I cannot attend this year’s OCD Conference in Boston — can you tell me where and when the 2016 OCD Conference will be held?

We are sad you won’t be able to make it to Boston this year! We will not be releasing the exact date and location of the 2016 Annual OCD Conference until this year’s event. Keep an eye on our website later this year in August for more information about next year’s Conference. Also, to stay up to date about all future Annual OCD Conferences and to make sure you don’t miss any important information, sign up for our Conference Email list.

We can’t wait to see you all in Boston!

If you have any other questions about attending the Annual OCD Conference, please don’t hesitate to email conference@iocdf.org or call the IOCDF office at 617-973-5801.


  • Carla Stucky

    I called on the phone on June 10 or 11 and registered for the conference but have not received an email confirmation, could you make sure I am registered and send me any emails I was to receive? I became a member of IOCDF on June 10 so my registration fee was $188 per person is what I was told. The other people registered were Kirk Stucky, Taylor Stucky, and Chase Stucky.

    • Sydney Nolan

      Hi Carla –

      I’ve passed this along to our administrative assistant who should be in touch with you about your registration shortly. Looking forward to seeing you in Boston shortly!


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