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Hoarding disorder (HD) presents a unique challenge because of how it impacts such a wide variety of individuals, agencies, and groups. As such, our goal at the IOCDF has been to continue to design and develop comprehensive resources that help support individuals with hoarding disorder while also addressing the family, community, and public impacts of HD.

During the 2012 Annual OCD Conference in Chicago, I was approached by Gail Steketee, PhD, and Randy Frost, PhD, about how the IOCDF could better serve the entire hoarding community. In particular, Drs. Steketee and Frost felt there was no nationwide conference devoted to hoarding in quite the same way that the Annual OCD Conference catered to the entire OCD community.

Hoarding disorder has long been an important part of the IOCDF’s mission and focus and a big part of the Annual OCD Conference. It seemed only natural, then, for the IOCDF to move the many hoarding talks already at the Conference into their own meeting, which could run at the same time as the Annual OCD Conference. Consequently, the 1st Annual Hoarding Meeting was born in 2013 in Atlanta, GA, running concurrently with the 20th Annual OCD Conference.

We have expanded the Annual Hoarding Meeting by including an all-day Pre-Conference training for professionals working with individuals in the HD community. This innovative training will focus on helping all community responders (mental health professionals, home-based workers, professional organizers, coaches, first responders, peer responders, etc.) develop their knowledge and keep their skills up-to-date in order to maximize their impact. All attendees will get hands- on experience in community-based approaches to hoarding intervention.

Meeting attendees are invited to join Drs. Renae Reinardy, and Robin Zasio on a “non-shopping” shopping trip for an opportunity to learn how to respond more flexibly to impulses to buy something new (Click here to watch a video of Dr. Randy Frost and a client on a non-shopping shopping trip). Drs. Christiana Bratiotis and Jordana Muroff will also be running an experiential workshop to help individuals with hoarding disorder learn strategies for de-cluttering.

Finally, for family members who have a loved one struggling with hoarding, Dr. Greg Chasson will be leading a workshop entitled: “Family Support and Intervention for Hoarding: An Introduction to “Family-as-Motivators” Training.” On Saturday evening, we will also be holding support groups both for family members and for those with HD.

We are looking forward to this exciting program. Thank you to our Hoarding Meeting Planning Committee Drs. Gail Steketee, Randy Frost, and Christiana Bratiotis.


  • Esther

    Will there be a Hoarding Meeting this year?

    • Skyla Buonopane

      Hi Esther, there will not be a Hoarding Meeting this year, but the next one will be in early 2023!


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