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IOCDF BOSTON 2015 DAY 2_0211The IOCDF’s Annual OCD Conference is not like any other conference. Why am I saying this? Because I have been there, and it has literally changed my life.

Needless to say, the IOCDF team has brought together the greatest names in psychology and psychiatry who specialize in OCD and related disorders. From research to treatment, to peer support, art therapy, and more, the Conference has it all covered!

And if that wasn’t enough, its convening power gathers hundreds and hundreds of sufferers and their relatives from all over the world, with an impressive attendance growth evidenced year after year.

But let’s talk about what makes the Annual OCD Conference truly unique:

Firstly, I would like to quote an extract from an article I wrote for this blog after attending the 21st Annual OCD Conference in Los Angeles. In my opinion, this specific paragraph sums up one of the most impressive aspects of #OCDcon:

“Throughout the Conference, there were no OCDs versus non-OCDs, ‘healthy’ professionals versus ‘troubled’ attendants. There were no scholars versus ignorants, problem-solvers versus problem-havers, treating-therapists versus treated-patients, supporters versus supported. Instead, there was a group of individuals, homogenized by a shared wish; a group of people deeply touched, moved and motivated by the same vision, inspired by hope.”

This inclusive and participative approach is a foundational principle at the IOCDF. And I personally believe it is one of the keys to the Conference’s great success.

Because it is not just about the valuable information you will have the chance to absorb, or the countless resources available for you and your loved ones, or the many talks, workshops, breakout sessions, and panels you will have the opportunity to attend. More than anything, the Conference is about fostering a strong sense of community where each and every story counts.

IOCDF BOSTON 2015 DAY 3_0380After the Conference, you will have the sense that your solitary struggle has become a collective combat. You will experience empathy and discover a sense of community that will have a long-lasting impact in your life.

You will immediately realize you’re not alone anymore, not just in metaphorical terms, not even because you will surely meet — and get to know — many other sufferers and their relatives, therapists and researchers, but because you will be able to see through the eyes of pain, compassion, friendship and hope.

And when you least expect it, you will learn how to use your own questions to build the compassionate answers most needed by others who suffer just like you.

You will become a warrior of hope.

IOCDF BOSTON 2015 DAY 1_0281And as such, you will turn the nonsense into sense by giving it a new purpose: helping others.

Suddenly equipped with new efficient emotional tools, you will re-purpose the struggle.

You will hear real stories, just like yours, and all of a sudden, you will gently silence the noisy OCD alarms in order to raise your voice for awareness and education.

Your unique voice, like a sharp blast of powerful sound.

As I always say: Never underestimate the strength of the most vulnerable.

The Annual OCD Conference is a great reminder of your courage and your strength and a new mirror that reflects the power and veracity of your unique smile.

I hope to see all you warriors of hope at the next OCD Conference!


  • cindy santos

    I to am a suffer Of OCD. I have good and bad days. I live in the losangeles area and would LOVE to go to a conference when you have one in the area.


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