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Denis Asselin and his son Nathaniel


Life can challenge us in unimaginable ways. It could be that you finally found a name for what has been happening to your child: OCD. Or you found out that your insurance is not going to cover treatment. Or maybe a loved one is struggling with OCD or a related disorder. Whatever the challenge, the International OCD Foundation exists to ensure that you have access to the resources you need to regain control of your life.

This Memorial Day, as we honor and remember those who have given their lives in service to our country, we at the IOCDF want to pay tribute as well to the courage and perseverance of everyone affected by OCD and related disorders—people just like you or your loved one who combat its demands every day.

My remarkable son Nathaniel exemplified a day-to-day heroism beyond measure during the 13 years of his struggle with BDD, which began when he was 11. Despite unpredictable ups and downs, he exhibited herculean strength and courage throughout his undeserved illness. When he fell, he got up again, but eventually his disorder ground him down and he could not sustain the fight. That he was able to share his sense of humor and profound intelligence despite his BDD inspires me to this day. That is why I give to the IOCDF, so that others might live the full life that Nathaniel was denied.

This Memorial Day, I ask you to think about someone who has inspired you. Who is your Nathaniel? Perhaps…

  • A family member who faces off daily with OCD
  • A sufferer who fought against overwhelming odds
  • A friend who stands by you with loving support
  • A therapist who has changed your life for the better

We invite you to help the IOCDF and make a tax-deductible gift today in honor of someone who inspires you. Your gift will be put to work immediately, helping to alleviate the suffering, confusion, doubt, and fear that surround those living with, or caring for, someone with these disorders.

I have found my inspiration in Nathaniel, let’s help others find theirs.

Make a donation today to support IOCDF.

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