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We are excited to announce the finalists for the 2017 OCD Awareness Video Contest! Winning videos will be chosen by popular vote and the winner will be announced on Monday, October 16th!

Each year, we host a creative contest as part of OCD Awareness Week, inviting members of the OCD Community to help spread awareness and understanding through storytelling or art. This year, we asked to see original videos that help challenge stereotypes, fight stigma, and most importantly, raise awareness about OCD. Watch the videos below and vote for your favorite.

The winner of the 2017 OCD Awareness Video Contest is “Mr. Certain Strikes Out” by Jeremy Rudd.  Thank you to everyone who helped to choose our winner and to all of our submissions for helping to raise awareness for OCD!

The 2017 OCD Awareness Video Contest Finalists are (in random order):

“OCD: It’s More Than Anxiety” by Kathryn Strang: Some people think that OCD and related disorders are just about anxiety, when in reality they involve so many other emotions. In this video I list those other emotions and give brief examples of when and why they occur. I finish by describing the positive emotions that result from effective treatment. My hope is that this video will make people think about more than just anxiety when they think of OCD and related disorders and to inform the public that there is help available for OCD and OCD related disorders.


“Mr. Certain Strikes Out” by Jeremy Rudd: This video talks about how living with more uncertainty can lead to more freedom from OCD. Mr Certain/OCD wants more and more of our compulsions. We see over and over that this is a dead end road and only feeds the OCD. No amount of compulsions will ever be enough.


Cure for OCD? Let’s Talk” by Deborah Strange: There’s not a cure for obsessivecompulsive disorder, but there’s a way to make living with it easier: Talk about it. Take a leap of faith in humanity and start conversations, even if it’s hard. You might find it’s one of the best things you did for yourself.


Inside the Brain of OCD: Take a walk in the shoes of people who have OCD. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is more than just perfecting and fear of germs. Share to end the stigma and raise awareness. Never be afraid to ask for help. Reach out today!

Thank you to everyone who submitted this year for OCD Awareness Week!


  • Anonymous

    Hello – I am trying to vote and do not use Google. Can you please count my vote?

    My 1st choice is Deborah’s video.

    My 2nd choice is Katie’s video.

    I am 60 years old and have dealt with OCD most of my life. Deborah’s video pulls ahead of Katie’s a little by Deborah having the courage to show who she really is, the vulnerability to reveal her specific OCD fears which are muti-dimensional, and letting us know what has helped her the most, all while being very creative. Katie did a superb job capturing all the terrible feelings that OCD produces in sufferers.

  • anonymous

    I am a bit confused on voting… Is it just by thumbs ups on youtube? What happens if you don’t have a youtube account?

    • Alex Bahrawy


      Yes, in order to vote you must simply give the video a thumbs up on Youtube. If you do not have a Youtube account, you may cast your vote directly here on the blog.

  • Betsy Ritchie

    Love all the videos…

  • Sayla

    Hi I am not sure my vote went in. I am voting for Jeremy Rudd’s video. Mr. Certain Strikes Out. Please and thank you!


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