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When my daughter Jordan was a toddler, the bedtime rituals were exhausting. If we missed a step in the process, it would need to start all over again. OCD told her it had to be “just right.”

Fourteen years later, Jordan the high school student stopped eating. OCD gave her countless reasons why her food could make her sick — and she was deathly afraid of being sick. Her pediatrician couldn’t diagnose the problem, inferring she had an eating disorder. As OCD made her body thinner and weaker, it also told her mind she was broken, and drove her into depression. Eventually, my wife and I were making desperate calls to find a bed at any nearby mental health facility.

Thankfully, Jordan was admitted to Bradley Hospital’s incredible OCD program in Providence, RI. After months of very hard work using ERP with amazing therapists, our brave daughter was back.

Jordan at her high school graduation.

Now, Jordan the college student is happy, healthy, and looking forward to life’s endless possibilities. While Jordan’s OD journey has been a difficult one for her, and for our entire family, we are lucky to have nearby world-class care by therapists specifically trained to treat OCD.

As grateful parents, we are proud to support the International OCD Foundation so that more families can have positive outcomes. This year, my family is donating to the Memorial Day Campaign in honor of the amazing professionals who give OCD sufferers and their families back their lives, especially those who did so much for Jordan.

Your support for the IOCDF can:
• Help sufferers get on the road to recovery sooner by providing OCD-specific training for more therapists, in more places
• Connect everyone affected by OCD with the information, support, and resources they need to thrive
• Help provide earlier OCD diagnoses through education for medical professionals, school personnel, and the general

Who would you like to honor or remember? Visit iocdf.org/MemorialDay to make a tax-deductible donation today in honor or memory of someone you care about.

David Calusdian
Jordan’s Dad and IOCDF Board Member

P.S.-Your gift today will help the IOCDF continue to support all families affected by OCD and related disorders.

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