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Children with OCD experience so many barriers, whether it be in finding treatment, having qualified profession to treat the symptoms, educational attainment and issues in school, or just fitting in. The IOCDF aims to address these issues through the Pediatric Campaign 4 Hope, which will underwrite the cost of programs and special events including the Anxiety in the Classroom Initiative, Online Treatment Locator, Annual Conference, and 1 Million Steps 4 OCD Walk.

“When our son’s OCD got really bad, we didn’t know where to turn. We felt so lost and alone.”

“It took too many years to find the right treatment for our daughter.”

“Our son loved school and was a straight-A student. When OCD hit, he became overwhelmed and his teachers began to see his compulsions as a “behavior problem” because they didn’t know what OCD looked like.”

Together we can change this.

Special programs and events like our Annual Conference and 1 Million Steps 4 OCD Walk, foster a community for children with OCD.

  • The Online Resource Directory helps families find a qualified specialist close to home, getting children the treatment they need.
  • The IOCDF Training Institute, which trains professionals to effectively treat patients with OCD, helping children to get better faster.
  • The NEW Anxiety in the Classroom Initiative, which provides education and resources to school personnel, parents, and students, helping to make sure children with OCD don’t fall behind in school.


Having OCD shouldn't hold a child back. Join our Pediatric Campaign 4 Hope by donating today here!


“The IOCDF conference was a life-changing experience for my daughter; she met kids just like her and saw adults who were living life despite their OCD.” - Cathy H

“I was able to find a therapist who practices ERP by using IOCDF resources. This was a huge turning point for our family..” - Craig S

“Once our son’s teachers and guidance counselors learned more about OCD, they were able to understand his symptoms and he began to thrive in school again.” – Ben G.

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