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Your gift to our Research Fund will go twice as far thanks to Uniform Advantage!

When you donate to the IOCDF Research Grant Fund, you support researchers who are laser-focused on understanding OCD and related disorders — and discovering better treatments.

Right now, all donations will be matched up to $25,000 thanks to a generous gift from Uniform Advantage! 

Make double the impact on cutting-edge research

Your gift, doubled by Uniform Advantage, will support the Mike Jenike Young Investigator Research Grant Awards awarded each year. The more we raise, the more awards we are able to give.

Current donor-funded research investment areas include:
• Investigating the link between sleep habits and OCD
• Studying the role of brain inflammation in OCD
• Developing tests to identify medications that offer the most benefits with the fewest side effects
• Pinpointing environmental factors that contribute to OCD as a potential preventative measure

Thank you to our match sponsor

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