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The IOCDF will be offering over $1.1 million in research funding in 2022 to improve scientific understanding and treatment of OCD and related mental health disorders! Beginning January 4th, 2022, researchers will have the opportunity to apply for the following grants:

  • Breakthrough Awards — $500,000 grants for senior researchers pursuing cutting-edge OCD research. The goal of these awards is to fund new ideas in OCD research that have the potential to revolutionize treatment and even discover ways to prevent OCD from taking hold in the first place. The Breakthrough Awards are made possible through the generosity of an anonymous donor to the IOCDF.
  • Innovator Award — The 2022 Innovator Award is a $300,000 grant to support research studying the mechanisms and causes of co-occurring OCD and Bipolar disorder. Previous research has found that OCD is common among those who also have Bipolar Disorder. Our intent with this grant is to improve scientific knowledge in this under-researched area, with the ultimate goal of improving treatment outcomes for people with this dual diagnosis.
  • Michael Jenike Young Investigator Awards — Grants of up to $50,000 for early career researchers pursuing projects investigating OCD, BDD, hoarding disorder, or other disorders related to OCD. These awards are intended to support the career development of the next generation of OCD and related disorders researchers while providing seed funding for promising and innovative research.

Every grant application that we receive will be evaluated by an expert panel of experienced researchers. This panel’s recommendations ensure that precious research dollars — 100% of which are contributed by donors — are directed to the strongest possible research with the greatest potential for impact.

Applications will be accepted beginning January 4th, 2022 at iocdf.org/research/apply. Complete application instructions, guidelines, and the official 2022 request for proposals (RFP) are now available. The deadline to submit an application is February 28, 2022.

Please consider supporting the next breakthrough in OCD and related disorders research with a financial contribution to our Research Grant Program. Visit iocdf.org/donate to learn more and contribute.


  • Wow. Amazing this amount will help researchers to do new OCD researches which will help people who are suffering from OCD in the future.


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