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IOCDF Advocate Ez Homonoff shares why they became an OCD advocate by writing a beautiful song titled "Braver". Check out the lyrics below! Learn more about our advocate program.

"Braver" (by Ez Homonoff)

When I was a kid, I had OCD, but really OCD had me
I was wrapped around its crooked fingers and felt I couldn’t help but agree.

I hated the way its eyes lingered on me,
I hated that I’d become a sleepless zombie.
I knew each divisibility rule by heart.

I hated how misunderstood I was
I hated myself most of all because
I didn't know where OCD ended and where I’d start.

Kid, I’ll say to you, you’re gonna make it too--let your strength shine through,
And we’ll do the best we can together.
I didn’t see my own bravery
But yours is here and dear to me.
Tomorrow’s gonna be alright--tonight we’ll fight our OCD.
Dee… dee ba doo ba doo ba dee ba dee

And now I’m older, and look at me–I still have OCD
But at last my thoughts can run wild, no longer in a prison filled to capacity

I didn’t think I would get this far
But I learned to leave the thoughts as they are
I know in my heart you can do the same.

I don’t feel so alone anymore
I don’t want you to feel how I felt before
I will do everything in my power to ease your pain.

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