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Meet IOCDF advocate Epifania Gallina! Epifania shares the reasons why she became an advocate below. Learn more about our advocate program.

As someone with lived OCD experience, Epifania is interested in using her advocacy to raise awareness about stigma and mental health—advocating for both herself and the entire OCD community. Through the right therapy, Epifania was able to regain hope and courage in combatting OCD, which is a feeling she hopes others in the community will get to experience in their own journeys.

I became an advocate to support my fellow OCD community , their parents, their loved ones, and community. In particular, I wanted to raise awareness about the impact of ERP and related evidence based practices that made a huge difference in my recovery and current treatment. OCD has consumed my time, and my life. I would never want to be at point zero all over again. The only good thing about OCD (which there isn’t any good ) is that I found a community and I found the best treatment for it.

I speak up about OCD and related disorders because I want others to know that OCD is treatable. It might take months or years, but there is hope. Just because it takes a long time, doesn’t mean that you can’t find glimpses of hope on a daily basis while seeking treatment and special aid.

The International OCD Foundation’s presence has been a huge plus in helping me the most on my own OCD journey, along with my family, friends, and the entire OCD community. Don’t wait, find help. You can take your life back from OCD.

My name is Epifania Rita Gallina. I am a professor of psychology, advocate, reader, writer, and my favorite of all: a mom to two amazing kids (Emma, 3 and Gi, 9 months). This is my story about why I’m an advocate.

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