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About the IOCDF Resource Directory

The IOCDF has a long-standing commitment to connecting those in need to effective treatment providers and has listed providers with experience treating OCD and OCD support groups since 2008. Over the years since its launch, significant enhancements have transformed it into the powerful search engine we have today. Today, it includes a comprehensive list of therapists, support groups, clinics, and other mission-aligned organizations. The IOCDF Resource Directory helps you find care and connections near you and virtually, with an easy-to-use search function that allows you to find OCD treatment.

In addition to providing a robust Resource Directory of over 2,400 providers, 200 clinics, and 250 support groups, the IOCDF offers guidance to the community to help them find the right resources for their individual needs. Our How to Find the Right Therapist guide provides valuable tips for making the right choice, including questions to ask a provider to make sure it’s the right “fit,” and our Definitions of Search Terms page helps you understand the differences between provider types.

Dedicated IOCDF staff are ready to help you navigate the Resource Directory. You can reach them by calling (617) 973-5801 on Monday through Friday, 9am–5pm ET, or by emailing info@iocdf.org.

Thanks to community feedback, we’re happy to announce that we’ve enhanced the Resource Directory further, delivering even more value by adding new filters and categories to help users find what they need. Here are some of the new features:

Narrow your search by medication prescribers

Medication prescribers have been sorted into their own listing type in the Resource Directory for those who are looking specifically for help with medication prescription and management. Simply choose “Medication Prescribers” from the “Listing Type” dropdown menu to narrow your search by providers who prescribe medication. 

Medical Providers in the RD Thumbnail

Find increased access to care with the addition of pre-licensed trainees

We are now including pre-licensed trainees in our list of providers. These providers are Student-Trainee Members of the IOCDF who are supervised by an IOCDF Professional Member. 

You may wish to work with a pre-licensed trainee if you are looking for a less expensive option for traditional therapy. To narrow your search by trainees, choose “Pre-licensed Trainees” from the “Listing Type” dropdown menu.

Pre-licensed Trainees in RD Thumbnails

Filter by your insurance plan

Providers can now list which insurance options they accept, and you can filter by these options using the “Payment Type” dropdown menu. this new feature will help you save time making informed healthcare decisions, and help you plan for potential medical expenses.

Please note that this is a new feature, so if you don’t see your insurance option, it may be that providers have yet to add it to their listing. In the meantime, you may also be able to work with a provider who doesn’t accept your insurance and be reimbursed by your insurance provider after the fact. You can ask about both of these things by contacting a provider of interest for more information.

Insurance Options in RD Thumbnail

Search for support groups OR treatment groups

Both support groups and treatment groups are listed in our Resource Directory; now, they are separate from one another under the “Listing Type” dropdown menu so you can easily search between the two. 

Support groups can help people feel less alone and provide a support network of peers who understand. Treatment groups, on the other hand, provide treatment in a group setting that can be an alternative to seeing a professional and are often a more affordable option than individual therapy. 

Support Group Treatment Group in RD Thumbnai;

Expanded filters

We’re excited to announce that we’ve also added expanded filters to help you find a therapist with experience in a certain “Specialty Area,” including veterans, perinatal OCD, and being LGBTQIA+ affirming. You can find these new filters under the “Specialty Area'' dropdown tab.

In addition, the “Provider Credentials” filter allows you to narrow results to those providers who have attended the Behavior Therapy Training Institute (BTTI), an intensive training program in exposure and response prevention (ERP) for OCD conducted by the IOCDF. Use this filter to narrow down to those who have taken the general BTTI, Hoarding BTTI, or Pediatric BTTI, as well as those who have been BTTI Faculty (and are experts in their field). 

Find OCD Treatment - OCD specialty areas

Finally, be sure to check out our Getting Started with the Resouce Directory guide for finding help on the Resource Directory.

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