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One Step at a Time: Walking for OCD in Sacramento

Walk in Sacramento

For the past six years, I’ve had the great privilege of serving as a national spokesperson for the IOCDF, and during that time, I’ve enjoyed participating in all kinds of conferences, talks, and special events.  None has raised my excitement more than the 1 Million Steps 4 OCD Walk. There’s just something magic about what this… Read more »

OCD, Depression, and Suicide: There Is Hope

Eight years ago, I was so depressed I considered committing suicide. My obsessions had completely taken over my life—not only were they daily distractions from work and friends, they were terrible. These obsessions, the fear that I might harm a child, didn’t just consume my free time. They consumed me. Nothing about life was enjoyable… Read more »

Book Giveaway! Being Me with OCD

Alison Dotson’s new book, Being Me with OCD: How I Learned to Obsess Less and Live My Life,  is now available in paperback!  To celebrate, we are excited to be able to share another excerpt from the book on the blog. Check it out, and then feel free to ask Alison questions in the comments below. One… Read more »

I’m Not Ashamed of My OCD

The day a psychiatrist first used the words obsessive compulsive disorder to diagnose me was the start of a journey toward ridding myself of the shame that had weighed on my heart for so many years.  Now, a decade after that original diagnosis, I will unapologetically tell anyone and everyone that I have OCD.  I am… Read more »

Talking to Kids About OCD

I had the privilege of visiting with a third-grader named Faith over lunch this past winter. She is the cutest nine-year-old in the world, all eyes and sweet, sweet smile.  Not kidding, you look at this little girl and think, Oh my gosh, a hug from this child could change the world. Faith is the strongest, bravest nine-year-old… Read more »

BOOK EXCERPT: My First Visit with a Psychiatrist

Our very own IOCDF blogger, Alison Dotson, has just released her first book, Being Me with OCD: How I Learned to Obsess Less and Live My Life, a memoir/self-help book for teens and young adults about life with OCD!  We are excited to be able to share an excerpt from the book on the blog. Check… Read more »

OCD in the Workplace

Editor’s Note: It’s Day Two of International OCD Awareness Week, and we want to continue our discuss about the significance of opening up to friends, family members, and even coworkers about OCD.  This week is all about spreading education and awareness about OCD outside of the OCD community, as a way of increasing understanding, and… Read more »

Do I still have OCD?

When I was first diagnosed with OCD, I told some people about it—friends and family, mostly. And when it seemed appropriate, I’d tell a coworker. But it wasn’t until a couple years ago when I got a book deal that I started to tell everyone. Maybe I’d bring up the book myself, or maybe my… Read more »

My Journey to Hell and Back, A Personal Experience with CBT and ERP

I am pleased to introduce you to our newest guest blogger, Jackie Lea Sommers.  You may remember Jackie from OCD Awareness Week in 2012, when she won our creative expression award for her short story, Tipping Point.  In today’s blog, Jackie writes about her personal experience of conquering her demons through cognitive behavioral therapy. Jackie… Read more »