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Talking to Kids About OCD

I had the privilege of visiting with a third-grader named Faith over lunch this past winter. She is the cutest nine-year-old in the world, all eyes and sweet, sweet smile.  Not kidding, you look at this little girl and think, Oh my gosh, a hug from this child could change the world. Faith is the strongest, bravest nine-year-old… Read more »

#GIVINGTUESDAY – Help support Pediatric OCD Programs TODAY

OCD begins in childhood. Despite this, it takes an average of 14–17 years between onset of symptoms and access to effective treatment due to stigma around mental health issues, and lack of awareness about available treatment options. We are working to change this, and you can help. You have no doubt heard the terms, “Black… Read more »

Today’s #OCDchat: Q & A for Teens and Young Adults with OCD

Every year, we hear from teens and young adults at our Annual OCD Conference, what a life-changing event the conference is — and not necessarily because of the sessions or talks — but because of the friendships, bonds, and camaraderie formed among our young attendees, who so rarely get to make connections with other teens… Read more »

A New Challenge: The Pediatric Campaign for Hope

Challenge… we hear that word a lot in the OCD and related disorders community. People living with OCD are challenged daily to face their fears. It takes determination and a great deal of courage. OCD can make daily life difficult for adults, but imagine what it is like to have OCD as a child. You,… Read more »

Coming to Terms With Mental Illness

Recovery can be one of those watershed moments for those with OCD. Fletcher Wortmann — one of the speakers on this year’s new Young Adult track at next month’s OCD Conference — recently wrote a great blog talking about this feeling: I was born in 2007, at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts.  And it’s the… Read more »

Kicking OCD’s Butt – A New Workshop for Kids

As we get closer to next month’s 20th Annual OCD Conference in Atlanta, we’ll be highlighting some of the new and exciting programs we are offering this year. First up, the new experiential workshop for kids and teens: A Weekend Adventure of Kicking OCD’s Butt. To tell you more about this fun new program, we asked workshop leaders Rachel Busman, PsyD, and Jerry Bubrick, PhD, to answer some frequently asked questions.

A Million More Steps to Go: A Sister’s Journey to Increase Awareness

Today’s post is from guest blogger, Carrie Asselin, the sister of Nathaniel Asselin who tragically took his own life at age 24 after battling severe OCD and BDD (body dysmorphic disorder). In this post, Carrie writes about the experience of growing up with an older brother who was her hero and best friend, but who… Read more »