Perinatal OCD Information for Clinical Providers

Counselor talking to a family about Perinatal OCD Treatment.

As a clinical provider of any profession working with perinatal mental health, it is likely you have already seen perinatal OCD among your clients - whether you’ve recognized it or not! Perinatal OCD (often called “postpartum OCD” or “maternal/paternal OCD”) is a relatively common perinatal mental health condition, yet it is not often talked about within the realm of perinatal/postpartum mood and anxiety disorders. It is thus vital that clinical providers educate themselves about perinatal OCD so as to best serve their clients.

Read on for more information about perinatal OCD, including screening and assessment tools, information about treatment, and core competencies that each profession should know within their scope of practice. We celebrate your commitment to improving your knowledge and thank you for visiting this Resource Center!

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