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For the past 30 years, the International OCD Foundation’s mission has remained the same: to help ALL individuals affected by OCD and related disorders to live full and productive lives.  Our name may have changed over the years, but our tireless commitment to the goals set by our Founders 30 years ago has not. Those founders set out to create an organization that would not only support OCD research, as well as education and training for mental health professionals, but would also offer invaluable support to families in crisis.

“The IOCDF was there 15 years ago for my family to help and educate during a critical and difficult time.  My gratitude has motivated me to give to the IOCDF to help assure that others may also get the support they need through the IOCDF.”
–Tom Bugler

While we celebrated the impact that the IOCDF’s work has made over the last 30 years this fall, we also know that there is much more work still to be done. When we look into the future, we hope to see a world of increased and understanding about OCD and related disorders.  A world in which a person is easily able to recognize the signs and symptoms of OCD or a related disorder. A world where individuals and families are not burdened by stigma. A world where those who are suffering have access to effective and affordable treatment.

This future is not yet a reality, but with your help it is within our grasp. Consider all that we have accomplished in the last 30 years together and now, imagine what we can do in the future to help individuals and families affected by OCD.

Will you consider making a gift to the IOCDF’s Annual Fund to support all of our programs? Below, you will find different giving levels to give you an idea of the different programs your gift can help support.


Giving Levels

Seer: Gift of $25 or more

Make an investment in the most comprehensive Resource Directory of therapist, treatment programs, and support groups uniquely dedicated to OCD and related disorders.

Fortune Teller: Gifts of $50 or more

Make an investment in building OCD awareness and visibility through our OCD Awareness Week programs, our annual Walk, and our media campaigns which combat stereotypes and reduce stigma.

Soothsayer: Gifts of $100 or more

Support a wealth of educational resources for families, children, and adults affected by OCD, including our family of websites, informational brochures, and quarterly newsletter, all filled with the most up-to-date and relevant tools and information about treatment and support for everyone affected by OCD.

Visionary: Gifts on $500 or more

Help us keep the Annual OCD Conference registration costs as low as possible, enabling thousands of people to more easily access this life-changing event.

Oracle: Gifts of $1000 or more

Support our work with the mental health professional community to address the shortage of OCD and related disorders specialists. Though the IOCDF Training Institute, we train the next generation of therapist and clinicians to fulfill the promise of “effective treatment for everyone affected by OCD and related disorders.”



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