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I remember my time in residential treatment. It happened to be over the holidays. As difficult as OCD treatment can be, it’s that much harder going through it away from family and friends. Away from the familiarity of your own home during a time when togetherness feels necessary. Despite a treatment team and counselors, I felt isolated, lonely, and frankly broken. I don’t tell you any of this to depress you, I tell you because it can be a reality of the process. That’s why personal words of encouragement, even from a stranger that understands, can be so impactful.

In our roles as OCDvocates, impacting even one life is a significant achievement. Something as simple as a card and a message from the heart during this time of year can make that difference.  It can literally turn hopelessness into hopefulness.  I’ve seen it happen and it’s amazing to be a part of something like that. Let’s join together and use something as simple as our creativity and words to make a fellow sufferers holiday a bit brighter.

Here’s what you can do to help:

1. Pick out (or create your own!) fun, festive Holiday card. Design and messaging is up to you, but remember that you won’t know who will receive it — so a secular or non-denominational card is recommended.

2. Write your message of hope. You can share words of encouragement, original artwork, or simply wish someone a happy, healthy, and hopeful New Year. Feel free to include your contact information if you wish, but you can also just sign your first name if you prefer.

3. Send your card to the IOCDF’s PO Box. We’ll collect the cards and then send them to individuals currently receiving treatment at one of our Institutional Members’ treatment programs. People of all ages need messages of hope — so cards for children, teens, and adults are all requested.

Send all cards to:

International OCD Foundation, Inc.
c/o OCDvocate Message of Hope
P.O. Box 961029
Boston, MA 02196

DEADLINE EXTENDED! Please mail all cards to the IOCDF by December 19 so we have enough time to send cards to the treatment programs!

Here’s wishing you all a happy holiday season.



  • Brigit Rotondi

    This is so beautiful. Is there a particular type of card to send or, can it be any kind of card?

  • Po Hsuan Lee

    I have sent out my cards and crafts for this program by express mail on Dec 17th in my time zone (GMT+8), but the post office could not guarantee that they could arrive before the holiday season. According to the mail tracking system, the package has been exported about 3.5 hours ago. I’ve sent an email to on the details earlier today. Hope it helps. Thank you so much on this.

  • laura

    Does it have to be for the holidays? Are you able to just send well wishes cards?


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