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My OCD Community Forum

The IOCDF has recently partnered with HealthUnlocked which has allowed us to launch a new peer-to-peer online community called My OCD Community!

My OCD Community is a free, online peer-to-peer forum for members to share their OCD experiences. The community is a safe space that allows you to post a question and get answers from members of the forum, share your OCD journey, connect with others, and contribute to ongoing conversations – all from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Why Join My OCD Community?

Having a peer community to share experiences with and turn to for support can be an invaluable asset. HealthUnlocked is the world’s largest social network for health-related issues. It creates a peer-to-peer support network where patients, caregivers and health advocates can connect safely online with guidance from credible organizations and institutions such as the IOCDF. My OCD Community is administered and monitored by the IOCDF. In addition to interacting with other members of the community, you will be able to pose questions to the IOCDF and view posts and updates from us. My OCD Community is open to all members of the OCD and related disorders community including family members, friends, and treatment professionals.

How It Works:
Once you join the My OCD Community you will have the ability to:

  • Post to the community with personal stories, advice, or questions.
  • Respond to posts from other community members.
  • Message community members privately.
  • Pose questions to the IOCDF both publicly and privately.
  • Chose to share your location to connect with other community members in your area.
  • Access videos and resources shared by the IOCDF.

Interested in joining?

It’s easy to join the My OCD Community.

  1. Go to HealthUnlocked.com
  2. Click “Sign Up,” and enter a username, your email, and a password.
  3. Go to “Browse Communities” and type in “My OCD Community”
  4. Once on the community page, click “Follow.”
  5. Post to introduce yourself, ask questions, or share your experience.

We look forward to getting to know more of our community members through this new forum!

Once you are signed up, you can click on your profile settings to adjust your data sharing and privacy controls if desired.

We’re so excited to be able to offer a safe, welcoming space for those affected by OCD and related disorders to get the support and information they need online. See you there!

Join My OCD Community!


  • Kerry Ravi

    Is this for families of loved ones who gave ocd as well?

    • Alex Bahrawy, IOCDF Community Support Specialist

      Hello Kerry,

      This platform is for anyone impacted by OCD, including family members and friends.

  • Chessa Bramlet

    I can’t wait to get connected to people with my same Issues.

  • Jon

    Hello I’m Jon, in San Antonio and looking for OCD groups in the area

    • Alex Bahrawy, IOCDF Community Support Specialist

      Hi Jon,

      You can search for support groups in your area by using our Resource Directory: https://iocdf.org/find-help/

  • Melissa

    Will the group be monitored by medical and/or mental health professionals? Will it be possible to pose questions directly to treatment providers in the group? Thanks.

    • Alex Bahrawy, IOCDF Community Support Specialist

      Hello Melissa,

      This group is not directly monitored by medical or mental health professionals. It’s possible that some IOCDF professional members have joined the group, but they do not directly answer questions.

      To connect with a local professional, please use the IOCDF Resource Directory: https://iocdf.org/finding-help/find-help/

      You may also consider attending the Annual OCD Conference. This is a great way to meet and network with professionals. For more information please visit http://www.ocd2019.org

  • I think it will bring a lot of benefits to people, if even professional doctors will respond to questions inquiries. You did a great job.

  • Beth Carducci

    I have had OCD since the 80’s. At best it’s been mildly annoying and a little time consuming. I have also had panic attacks, anxiety. I used to take prozac and sometimes xanax. It helped tremendously. Saw therapists and psychologists. But now my OCD has taken over my entire life because of what is going on now. I’m terrified of getting it, and I have not left my home in over a year. I get my groceries delivered and take out my trash and that’s it. I go nowhere. I refuse to be around anyone. I was washing my hands a billion times a day. I had to stop that because the water bill became an issue, it was 600 in 3 months. I cut down 75 percent but I can’t do anything I want, can’t touch most things in my home, not the washing machine keys etc. I spend a long time washing off my groceries and emptying them out on the counter. I won’t put boxes of cereal and frozen food boxes away the contents must be emptied because other ppl have touched the boxes. I cannot buy what I want, no fruit milk yogurt because ppl touch the containers. I spend all crying I can’t go anywhere or do anything. If someone is downstairs I cannot come out to get my food or take out my trash. The landlord comes in sometimes and I had to tell him on a text that I am getting groceries delivered please dont come in. I had to axl delivery 2 days and was running out of food. Talking with a therapist about this. It would take forever to go into every detail. I only order packages because I have hermit crabs and they need supplies. But I have so much anxiety having to go downstairs and get them. I use paper towels to pick up the box and it has to sit for 3 weeks before I touch it. This is how I have been living for 14 months with no hope of ever living any sort of normal life. I cannot understand how ppl are not afraid of this thing. Even if u r vaccinated u can get it. I cannot take a risk, cannot be near anyone. The loneliness is overbearing. No way out of this situation

    • Jessica Price

      Hi Beth — Thank you for sharing that, and I’m so sorry to hear about your struggles. Please contact us at info@iocdf.org or (617) 973-5801 and we can help you find support.

  • Beth Carducci

    I have also done ERT, it does work, but sooo my anxiety! Unbelievable!

  • Beth Carducci

    I have also done ERT, it does work, but sooo much anxiety! Unbelievable! I worked with an OCD specialist too, but I couldn’t do some of the things she wanted me to do. Its mentally and physically exhausting.

  • Albertina

    IOCDF OCD forum along with the NOCD community- https://app.treatmyocd.com/community has personally helped me a lot in dealing with my OCD issues. Both of these platforms provide lots of information about different types of OCD and how one can handle them.


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