Anxiety Specialists of Atlanta

Intensive Treatment Program, Specialty Outpatient Clinic
Director: Dr. Josh Spitalnick, CEO; Dr. Chris Noble, Clinical Director of Adult Services; Dr. Shanee Toledano, Clinical Director of Child an Adolescent Services
Contact Name: Jessica Kalin, Practice Manager
1360 Center Drive
Suite 200
Dunwoody, Georgia 30338
Phone: 678-825-2320

Founded in 2014, Anxiety Specialists of Atlanta is a nationally-recognized OCD and anxiety treatment center dedicated to providing evidence-based psychological services while increasing the accessibility, availability, and affordability of mental health care. Headquartered in beautiful Dunwoody, Georgia (a northern suburb of Atlanta, Ga), our multidisciplinary team provides in-person services to the Metro Atlanta community along with video-based telehealth services to children, adolescents, adults, families, and couples throughout Georgia and in over 35 other states.

We provide a safe, inclusive, accepting, and supportive environment for all of our clients. Our anxiety treatment center offers a variety of therapies tailored to suit your needs. Whether you’re dealing with OCD, social anxiety, GAD, panic, phobias, sleep difficulties, challenges with transitions in life, relationship struggles, or other emotional/behavioral issues, our dedicated team is here to help.

From assessment to diagnosis, treatment planning to treatment implementation, all of our services are rooted in the science of psychological research. Our evidence-based services include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Exposure Therapy, Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) for OCD, I-CBT, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, the Maudsley Approach for Family-based Treatment (FBT), Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD, as well as numerous treatment and support groups, intensive outpatient programs and parent, family, and couples-related support and treatment options.

We also provide various consulting and psychoeducational services to other professionals, organizations, and families who seek information, resources, workshops, parenting seminars, and community presentations throughout the Atlanta community as well at local, regional and national professional conferences.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

In addition to OCD, our team treats health anxiety, social anxiety, phobias, panic disorder, separation anxiety, social anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, selective mutism, and PTSD. Beyond OCD and anxiety disorders, our evidence-based assessment, diagnosis, and treatment planning including the treatment of depression, autism spectrum disorders, body focus repetitive behaviors (BFRBs), sleep difficulties, tics, ADHD, feeding and eating disorders. Treatment structure is very organized which includes an intake evaluation, assessment and psychoeducation, treatment planning, treatment implementation, and relapse prevention strategies for maintenance of therapy gains.

Diversity Statement:

We are deeply committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion in all aspects of our work. Embracing and celebrating our differences fosters a stronger and more vibrant community, as it undeniably enhances the health and well-being of our clients, staff, and people in our community. We strive to create an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and included, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, or any other dimension of diversity. In our pursuit of equity, we continuously assess and challenge our practices, policies, and systems to ensure they are fair, unbiased, and supportive of diversity.

Our staff attends annual continuing education workshops that specifically address cultural competence in psychotherapy. We also meet weekly as a team to discuss clinical assessment, diagnosis, and treatment with race, sexual orientation, gender, religious identification, and other contextual variables addressed specifically in case formulation. Finally, our practice owner, Dr. Josh Spitalnick, trained at the Center for Multicultural Training in Psychology (CMTP) during residency through Boston University, and brings his experiences and expertise in this domain of cultural competence to the training of all staff clinicians.

OCD Specialists At This Clinic: